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EQN FTP model….

+-*Farming in warframes for prime parts and rare mods to sell to some one to get more pats and i thought you know you have a great way for us poor people to get cool swag in the item store while the rich players get stuff while not running a map 50 times to get […]


+-*I was wondering what’s going to happen to “SOEmote” (was it)? The thing where if you have a webcam the character’s facial movements reflects your own ? Is it now DBG’s? DBEmote? It’s was just one of those cool things that I was excited to see, and would surely liven up the game if/when it […]

A time of peace.

+-*So, I’ve started playing World of Warcraft again recently and came to a (shocking?) conclusion. MMORPG’s Always have war. Those worlds are always war thorn. And it made me think about something, is it even an option to make a MMORPG that is not about fighting that ‘big bad guy’ and win the game. How […]

DBG: Invite a redditor

+-*Invite an active redditor to your your new facilities. They could give us their impression of the new place and what the team is working on. Little to no cost to your project, and if your confident in the game, could be a good boost for the fan base. Simple NDA without your prior permission, […]

My wish! DBG Please read!

+-*I just saw the game play from black desert and looking at how game play wise the game blows most mmo’s in America out of the water. Now with that you look at wow and it’s just rehashing the same shit in a dated game. Now you can say but it’s trying to do new […]

Bitcoin EQN Server

+-*Since I’ve been waiting so long for this game to get developed. How about go way into the future and develop a server that only uses bitcoin as the in game currency. I’d deposit real bitcoins into my EQN account to buy up stuff in game. Just make mobs never drop coins. what you have […]

EQN’s Style Seems… Eratic and like it constantly just becomes “more generic MMO” as time goes on.

+-*I remember the original art direction that we saw of EQN back in 2011 – the character that they showed looked incredibly detailed and rooted in realism. (Link: http://eq2wire.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/20110708-092438.jpg ) I was escatatic. You could see every line and imperfection in this bald human’s skin. Then we saw the short video of EQN and the […]

2016 EQN Beta?

+-*I’m hoping that Terry and his merry band of developers read this reddit from time to time and see this post. I have been following the work shop shows and I know a lot of the racial artwork and buildings have been developed and are most likely in polish mode. We still have the Dwarves, […]