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Combat Power: The Game-Redefining Stat

+-*Disclaimer: In no way am I proposing that the EQN team scrap the system(s) or parts of systems they currently have in favor of implementing the ideas that I’m about to discuss. They are the developers, not me. I have little to no detail on how EQN’s system interact with one another, therefore I will […]

Do EQNext Devs read here? I just want to let them know the one single thing that destroyed WoW “MMO Feel” and how to prevent it

+-*It is very simple actually, you often here that Vanilla WoW was the best period of WoW, because it WAS. Then you have tons of people shouting how Vanilla WoW had crappy mechanics, was very grind heavy and a bit to hardcore and that was improved with later expansions, which is also very true. BUT, […]